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Block Ads on Website use Web Browser Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox with UBLOCK ORIGIN

Tutorial Block Ads in Website with Web Browser Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox We sometimes feel annoyed by the existence of advertisement on a website. Example : Pictrue 1. Advertisement on a Website I have a solution for hidden advertisement on a website if you use web browser google chrome and mozilla firefox .  1. Open your browser google chrome or mozilla firefox 2. Click  THIS LINK  (September 16, 2018) for extensions google chrome (Chorme Web Store), for Mozilla Firefox choose menu Add-Ons  and then search UBLOCK ORIGIN  or click  THIS LINK  (September 16, 2018). 3. Add to chrome or Add to firefox  UBLOCK ORIGIN . Result after Add or install  UBLOCK ORIGIN Picture 2.  Advertisement Hidden on th Website See what I circled, detected by  UBLOCK ORIGIN   has 22 ads on the website. Enable or Disable Ublock Origin   Picture 3. Enable or Disable  UBLOCK ORIGIN  Note : I use UBLOCK ORIGIN since 2015.  Source :   h